Sunday, 8 April 2012

Suzie's 365 day 99: lots and lots

I saw Suzie's prompt for day 99 much earlier today and actually took the photos, but when I came to do the post later this afternoon I found that broadband wasn't working. Fortunately, I have an iPad with 3G so I could get on the internet - just as well as I had an Ocado grocery order for tomorrow that needed finishing - but I hadn't got the photos on the iPad for day 99: lots and lots.

As regular visitors to my blog will know, I have lots and lots of craft goodies, so I've decided today to show you some of my pens/pencils:


  1. What fantastic colours you have

  2. What a great collection- I could play for hours with those!

  3. Hazel, WOW ! What a collection, I love the colors.

  4. oh yes, you do have lots and lots!


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