Sunday, 22 April 2012

Suzie's 365 photos day 113: symbolic

When I saw Suzie's post this morning, I wondered what to do for day 113: symbolic, but it didn't take long before I thought of my wedding ring. And then it got me thinking that not just my wedding ring, but the other rings I wear are symbolic too. On my wedding ring finger of course is my engagement ring and between that and my wedding ring is the eternity ring that John bought me quite some years ago now.

John bought me the serpent ring years ago. I remember someone commenting that it was strange to see me as a Christian wearing a serpent ring because it's a symbol of evil (it was the serpent who tempted Eve, with the resultant sinning of Adam and Eve) - but I figure that it's good to wear it because it reminds me that I'm a sinner saved by grace as a Christian.

So I was just about to take a photo of my left hand when I realised that the rings on my other hand are also symbolic of certain times in my life, the Russian wedding ring with it's three different golds and also the lovely twisted band that John bought me last year for our 20th wedding anniversary.

So in the end I used the timer on the camera to take a picture of both hands - I managed to get this shot with the first attempt, just by putting the camera on the window sill. I made it a close up because my nails aren't in that presentable a state atm, but all the wrinkles on my hands definitely show my ages (just as much as the ones on my face!).

Having gone back into Suzie's blog to get the link I see that Janice got there first with the wedding ring as symbolic - great minds think alike!


  1. What lovely rings and symbolic of your relationship

  2. Gosh you do have a lot of rings Hazel. I don't wear any now as they irritate my skin.

  3. a lovely photo, and lovely rings- all with a meaning and very symbolic

  4. I love all your rings. When I was 13 or so, my grandmother offered me a snake ring with a very small ruby on it and I was so proud of it. I lost it in the sea, I felt it falling and started looking for it immediately but I never couldn't find it. I was devastated and each time I see a snake ring, it reminds me of it.

  5. Well if we all choose the same things it means we are of like minds which is nice.. my MIL used to work in a biscuit factory and said they could tell the ages of the women in a row by their hands all having seen 'life'.. x

  6. This really touched me Hazel - lovely rings with their own stories, and your beautiful hands that no doubt have a lot of their own stories to tell. Di xx


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