Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Suzie's 365 photos day 115: tower

For day 115, Suzie said 'let's look for a tower'. Well, I wasn't going out today, so no chance of seeing a tower. I nearly resorted to showing a photo that had been taken previously, but looking to my left I saw a tower of boxes that need to be put away, behind which is a higher tower of paper trays:


  1. Craft boxes always look so exciting!

  2. I was having a last look at today's pictures before going to bed because I was wondering where your picture was and here you are !
    I have the same tower with the same type of boxes on my craft room floor waiting to be put away since ... a long time !

  3. I think I have stash envy!

  4. I have a paper tower too, except i don't use mine anymore


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