Thursday, 17 May 2012

Suzie's 365 photos catch up

I'm behind with Suzie's 365 photos, so it's time for a catch up.

On Friday for day 132 the prompt was unforgettable - it made me think of many occasions - most of them very happy, like special birthdays and mum and dad's diamond wedding anniversary, but also some sad occasions that are unforgettable. It so happens that on Friday we went to a funeral of one of the helpers from John's blind bowling club - a lady who had bravely battled with cancer.

Before others came in, I managed to take a quick photo of the front of the church:

For day 133 Suzie asked us to show a self portrait. Like many others, I hate having my photo taken, but here's one I took a few minutes ago (caught me today with my specs instead of my contact lenses - and why is it that my hair looks much darker here than it really is?):

Day 134: portrait of a woman - my mum (shame about the reflection on the glasses) - unfortunately, the picture isn't very clear because it is a small section taken from a much bigger, more detailed, photo:

Day 135 called for a 'faceless portrait' - those things you see that make you go'OH! that is so ...' - this is so John - his laptop and headphones with microphone - because he is visually impaired he uses a speech input program to communicate with his laptop:

For day 136 Suzie asked us to show a portrait of a stranger. I went into London yesterday and met up with a friend and had time to stand around on Charing Cross Station on the way back to wait for a train, so I looked around and took a quick photo - I wasn't that close to him, the photo is zoomed:

For day 137 a candid photo taken recently when our grandchildren came over:

I didn't realise how many days I had got behind, but here I am up to date with today's prompt for day 138: group:


  1. What lovely photos- I've really enjoyed looking through them. I love the photo of your mum. Your grandchildren look so sweet there. I have ALWAYS wanted a set of those Russian dolls. My cousin had one when we were little and I was more than a little envious!

  2. Lovely photos Hazel. What a great collection. Your Mum looks fab in that photo and you are looking pretty good yourself.

  3. Gorgeous photos Hazel. I especially love your mum and your grand chldren. Well done for catching up. xx

  4. Lovely photos and well done on catching up.

  5. great photos, well done on the catch up. I have always wanted some russian dolls.

  6. Another one who has always wanted Russian dolls. Maybe one day I will treat myself - or maybe suggest it for a birthday present.

  7. Lovely people pics.. and I had a three set of Russian doll type penguins for the Christmas tree!

  8. Lovely photo of your grandchildren

  9. Lovely photo of your grandchildren


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