Thursday, 21 June 2012

Suzie's 365 photos day 173: same ... but different, final day

I have to admit that my photo for day 173 was taken yesterday (while Ellie was in a photo shoot mood!). She was naughty because she hopped up on to the kitchen work surface to get at my yummy chocolate:

I think she needs to go back on to her shelf now before she causes any more mischief!


  1. I too will be happy to put Clemmie back on his shelf!!
    Have enjoyed the week but enough is enough :)
    Bye Ellie it was lovely to meet you and Hazel xxxx

  2. Loved meeting Ellie- Hudson says that if she fancies a holiday in the sun he's off tomorrow!!!! He's doing his exercises to get in trim!!!!!!

  3. Hazel, who could resist Lindt chocolate !!!!

  4. Naughty Ellie, taking your chocolate. It looks like it is time for the shelf.

  5. naughty Ellie, you cant pinch other peoples chocolates!

  6. Great to meet you Ellie. You are more adventurous than me I have yet to try salt chocolate.

  7. And now I understood! Elli gave John a kiss and he bought her chocolate!
    John, where are you?? /wink/
    Congratulations for a great photo!
    Good luck!


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