Wednesday, 17 October 2012


I haven't taken part in WOYWW for a couple of weeks - and the last time I did I really didn't have anything to show. Mum is settling well now into the residential home, but it's been a busy time with clearing her old place and also quite a bit of telephoning and paperwork, not to mention lots of visits to mum.

This means that there has been very little time to craft ... I'm missing it. I'm preparing this Tuesday evening and am hoping to have tomorrow (Wednesday) to be able to get some crafting and blogging done.

So, here is my workspace atm - to the left of where I sit - a box of software, windows 7,  Microsoft office - I've re-installed windows 7 in the hope that it would eliminate the trouble I've had with a freezing PC and blue screens of death ... didn't really work, so I've now uninstalled google chrome and then re-installed ... and will see what happens ... if it doesn't stop the problem, then I'll re-install Office because the crashes often seem to happen when I've got Outlook or Word open. You can also see a pile of paperwork topped with a couple of notebooks. The stamps are some that arrived today that I won for a House of Gilli challenge.

On the right hand side there isn't a lot - a pile in the corner that needs seeing to - some acrylic stamps on a block ready to be used, a couple of cards that I made quickly today using the inside of the cardboard wrap around my recently purchased Kindle (far too good to get rid of) ... oh, and an old laptop that John used to use as an emergency in case my PC fails.

If you're wondering why I've done this blogpost, just click on WOYWW 176 and have a peep and join in the fun.


  1. Glad to hear your Mum is settling in ok - my Mom and I took ages sorting out my Nan last year when she moved into a home its very time consuming isnt it. Hope you get time to craft soon. Thanks for sharing - Sunshine Girl no. 57

  2. Nothing easy about our parents aging is there? Sounds like your household is very capable in the tech department, not here LOL I am too used to having the IT specialists at work fix everything up! Have a lovely week with time for crafting. Sandi #32

  3. Another win, we'll done! Nothing like a stay ay from your desk to get you in the mood...hope today has been very relaxing for you..glad that your dear Mum is settling, it's an anxious thing innit, all this grown up stuff!

  4. I'm glad things are going well with your mom. I remember what a huge adjustment and how rough it was when my nana went to her nursing home.

    I'm sorry you are having trouble with your computer. That is beyond frustrating!
    Hope it all gets sorted out and you get some crafting time in :)
    Mary JO #115

  5. Dealing with aging parents can be difficult at best. Glad your mom is adjusting well and that you are having a little time to breathe. Hope all get sorted out with your computer.
    Glenda 89

  6. Happy WOYWW. So glad your mum is settling in ok. Hope you get some crafty time tomorrow. Snap with the computer issues. Mine keeps going blank. I think it can't cope with all the crafty software! The Kindle packaging is great. Ali x #87

  7. Nice work place you have here. Love it!

  8. Nice and tidy desk. Glad mum is settling
    FAMFA (12)

  9. Hi Hazel - lovely to hear that your mum is settling in, and congratulations on the House of Gilli win. Hope you find some time to play with the new stamps. Also hope you get the tiresome computer problems worked out - have a great week! Belated happy WOYWW!
    Alison x

  10. I think my mom is in good health she's the one that can't wait to be taken care of now that we are grown. I keep telling her I think she's fine! I hate when the computer freezes up good thing my hub is a bit of an IT guru! My mom calls herself being on too and she ends up messing them up and demanding I buy her a new one. We're on PC #3 she got nice speakers this time to listen to the Gospel music. Good luck with Windows 7 its supposed to be really cool better than my Vista!!! Tamika #124


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