Saturday, 6 April 2013

Today's bargains from Hobbycraft

I was in two minds this afternoon whether to go into Bromley or whether to go into Orpington and then get the bus to the Nugent's Retail park to visit Hobbycrafts. Sometimes I visit and come away disappointed, so I was still unsure even when I was on the bus.

Well, there were some bargains to be had. Here is the haul I got, most of which were reduced, some were reduced more than the price labels that were on them. I paid full price for the snowflake punch (I needed a new one because I broke the previous one), full price for the organza ribbons with gems ('cause I love them) and full price for 5 mini stamps that were only £1 each anyway.

The only disappointment was that I was hoping to get the new Craft Stamper there, but they only had last month's and I was too late back into Orpington to go to WHSmith - that will have to be a treat for next week.

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