Friday, 19 October 2007

JB big challenge 1

Over on Just Bex there are going to be lots of challenges over the weekend. This is for big challenge 1: fasten it: Sue says: '........and for this we want you to make a card that FASTENS - it can be tied buckled, buttoned - you decide'

This has taken me a loooooong time (won't be doing many of these in a hurry!). I had to experiment a lot to get the hook and eye fastener in the right place to be able to flex the card enough to open it - I found out that using a gatefold card as normal just wouldn't work, so I had to trim either side of the centre before securing the hook and eye with brads.

I've used velvet paper for the main 'coat' of the card (on the back as well).

I hope that the pictures show that it can stand up when it's closed and that it opens out OK:

Thanks, Sue, for a good challenge - it certainly was a challenge!

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  1. Great card Hazel, wonderful idea using the hook and eye it looks really good


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