Saturday, 3 November 2007

7 more facts

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Well, I've done this a couple of times before, so now I'm trying to think of something you don't know (and as I'm quite a transparent person that's quite difficult).

1. I lost my voice about four years ago, and, despite investigations and speech therapy, it has never properly returned. I find this very frustrating and difficult at times, especially on the phone or in gatherings where there is noise - restaurant meals, for instance - and it's very frustrating for anyone trying to listen as well. John wishes I could shout at him!

2. Following on from number 1, I used to enjoy singing - I was in a choir until I had to give it up because my back was too painful to stand for the length of time required. I miss being able to sing - I now make a feeble attempt, but I just can't sustain notes (breath control isn't good because my lungs don't expand as they should due to the structure of my back).

3. I am extremely shy and find it difficult meeting new people (although a lot of people think that I'm so confident - I'm a right old mixture!)

4. When life is difficult I tend to eat too much - the result being that my weight has varied over the years. About 15 years ago I was a size 8 - then I put weight on - then I took it off again ... four years ago I was back to a size 8 - earlier this year I was the heaviest I've ever been, so in July I went back to WLR - I highly recommend them - and have so far got rid of a stone - slow but sure.

5. One of my favourite colours is purple or lilac, but I hardly ever wear anything of that colour range.

6. I enjoy a good glass of red wine, but hardly drink any nowadays because I'm on such strong painkillers for my back. Occasionally I have the wine instead of the tablets.

7. There isn't enough interesting to say about me, except what you already know (not that any of that is interesting anyway!)

Wow - I managed the 7!

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