Saturday, 3 November 2007


We had a phone call just before 6 this evening to tell us that the decorators will be here Monday. We knew we would get short notice because of fitting in with other jobs, but didn't expect it to be that quick (although we've been waiting since the summer).

The room where I craft is going to be done first, then our bedroom, then the lounge ...

Because I've been doing challenges today, I've got things all over the place, so I've got to have a massive tidy up and move some things out that won't fit into cupboards.

It will be great to get it done, but a mega upheaval for a while. Apart from this room we need to get new carpets in the other rooms and also new curtains - oh bliss.

The whole prospect is daunting, particularly because neither of us are in the best of health (which is why we have to have it done for us).

I'll still be able to use my laptop, but whether I'll actually get any crafting done is anybody's guess.

I have a CJ that I need to get done and in the post by Tuesday - wish I'd done it sooner (should have done it earlier today instead of challenges - that will teach me!)

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  1. I know you already have a You Make me Smile Award, but I'm nominating you for another one - because you do make me smile. Good luck with the clearing for the decorators. We have been in chaos since August and are still waiting for the Plasterers to arrive (hopefully next week) I am living surrounded by boxes full of pots and plastic boxes - would come and help you if I was nearer, I'm sure some of your friends would help if you asked. Take care



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