Tuesday, 6 November 2007

Crafting under difficult circumstances

Do you ever wish you'd done something earlier, rather than leaving it till the last minute? There's a new circle journal over on Crafts by Carolyn and originally the first posting date was scheduled for some time ago, but because there were postal strikes the decision was taken to delay the first posting until today. Now, if the original posting date had been kept I know that I would have got on and done it on time, but, because there was a delay, the pressure was off.

And, of course, on Saturday late afternoon we heard that the decorators were starting yesterday. Because the first room to be done was the room where I craft I had to rescue what I might need and the rest has been inaccessible. Yesterday I really tried to get on and finish my CJ, but nothing seemed to go right. I even had my robo on the dining table with my laptop, but what I wanted to do didn't turn out right. So even last night the CJ wasn't ready.

We had to be up early this morning, so I've managed to get it done - was even able to sneak in the room and rescue my camera and a few necessary bits.

So I apologise to the lovely people in my group that my CJ isn't very well decorated. I used material on the covers and the papers used are a mixture of mainly English Paper Company and Anna Griffin. The lettering on the front was from my recent purchase of decorated chipboard letters from QVC - they happened to arrive on Friday so they were nice and handy.

Tags have been added into the pockets on these pages.


  1. 'Wish I'd done something earlier' ? Why,all the time. We all do it, procrastinate, as people have done since time began. Never learn. But I think you made such a wondeful job of the CJ,so pretty and delicate looking.

  2. I think you have done a marvelous job Hazel... it is so gorgeous!!
    I too wanted to be a ballerina but I can't dance for toffee :D

  3. aw i lurve your CJ !!! Cant wait to see it completed! you work very well under pressure!

    xxx Melissa xxx


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