Tuesday, 6 November 2007

HS:MS 'sad' and 'excited'

Yesterday's prompt on HS:MS was:

'This week we are going to focus on emotions. We prompt you with one word and you translate it the best you can through your lens. Try hard as you can not to use a human face to reflect that emotion. For instance - Sad. A dying plant, a messy corner, mucky windows (we all have them at one point!)'

Because of all that's going on I didn't get round to doing a photo (couldn't even get to my camera).

To be honest, there is much sadness at the moment within our family, but not something that can be easily shared or photographed. I could take some pictures of the muddle that we are in at the moment, but that doesn't really constitute sadness.

Today's prompt is:

Excited: 'One of the most happiest of emotions. Whats exciting through your lens?'

I'll have to think about that one. I'm excited at the prospect of rooms being decorated - I think the room where I usually craft might be ready by this evening, so perhaps I'll be able to take some photos then, although I haven't got any new curtains yet, so I think the grotty ones that won't match will have to go up, unless I can get out this afternoon to get some.

Enough twittering! (too much in fact!)


  1. You twitter away all you like Hazel. Sorry you have sadness to bear, and I hope you can find good things to lighten your spirits, like a fresh room to enjoy.

  2. Hugs to you Hazel. I'm so sorry that things are hard for your family right now. I do love the CJ you have done - it is full of hope despite the pain of knowing what life is like. I pray you will find the hope in these other situations too


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