Wednesday, 16 January 2008

Postie came with goodies

What a lovely surprise this morning - well, I knew that at some time I'd receive a PIF from Melissa on CBC, but wasn't sure when it would arrive, but I also got a prize from It's a Creative World.

Here is what I got from Mel:

and this is the sheet of rubber stamps I got from Maria on IACW:

I want to apologise to anyone who visits my blog, that for a while I haven't been visiting others and leaving comments as much as I'd like, but life isn't that easy. We're waiting for the phone call to say that John's got a bed at St Thomas and hopefully going up there this afternoon for him to have the op on his toe tomorrow. (I say 'hopefully', not because I want him to go, but because it would now be a disappointment to gear ourselves up and not get there.)

Thank you to all those who have left me comments and encouragement - much appreciated by us both.


  1. Hope John get's his slot at the hospital. I remember what it was like with my MIL, you get all geared up and then they cancel or once she even got there and they sent her home later that day. Very frustrating, thinking about you - take care.


  2. Hope the appointment at the hospital goes ahead for you and John, such a let down when it's cancelled.

    Your goodies look very nice something nice for you to look forward to working with once John has been to hospital.

    Warm wishes



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