Thursday, 24 April 2008

HS:MS bathe

HS:MS today: bathe: 'To immerse ones body in water or light. Find bathe in your space today.'

Having rained this morning, it seemed to clear up for a while (I managed to get to the PO and back more or less in the dry). During lunch time the sun came out. However, just at about 2 pm when friends were due to pick us up for a drive into the country to have an afternoon cuppa, black clouds loomed and by the time we got in the car it was not just pouring, but bucketing, including hailstones. When we got to the garden centre tea place we had to quickly get out and into the dry.

We enjoyed a lovely cuppa and scone - and while we sat there, the sun came out. When we got ready to come away, the sky darkened once more and down came torrential rain again!

When we were dropped off at home, the sun came out!

So it's been the kind of day when there's been a mixture of being bathed in rainwater and in sunshine.

This is a little corner of our garden that I took since we got back - if you look carefully you can see a puddle as a result of all the rain, but shadows caused by the sunshine:

The second photo is of me coming in through the back door into my craft room with my shadow cast on to a cupboard door opposite:


  1. Nice shots - glad you had a great time at tea with your friends!

  2. Ditto Hazel.

    Thunder, lightening and hailstorms one minute and glorious sunshine the next. And as you say the weather has changed several times throughout the day. Don't you just love the UK :-D

    Two great shots for today's prompt. Love the puddle and the shadow . . . clever idea :-)

  3. Hi Hazel

    I have started blogging again and have started doing the HS:MS prompts (mind you this is my 2nd day), love your take on the prompts - glad to hear that you had a lovely day :)

  4. These are great photos...really love the shadow one..creative! x

  5. It's good idea, contrast between light and schadow.


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