Wednesday, 11 June 2008

Paper 'n' Lace Birthday Box challenge

This is the first challenge I've set on Paper n Lace forum.

The challenge is to use a box and alter it to house cards, with dividers for the months of the year, to help with planning.

I used an old laundry tablets box, which was just the right size for my cards. It’s about 7” wide and 6” high, so it will house A6 and 6” x 6” square cards (I seem to do quite a lot of these now). Obviously, your choice of box to start with will be determined by the size of card that you tend to work with.

So, the challenge is to find a box – any old box will do – it doesn’t even have to have a lid (in fact, it probably would be more useful without it) and ‘tart’ it up. It doesn’t have to be done in the same way as mine – you may well have some much different ideas.

I’m really not that good with altering things, but this is what I’ve achieved, so if I can do it, anyone can.

I used Basic Grey Cupcake papers to cover my box and various sticky ribbons to conceal the joins. Of course, you can use any papers of your choice.

Front of my box:

Back of my box:

Side view:

I’ve made divider cards for the months of the year – I printed a grid so that I can make a note of up and coming birthdays for each day of the year.

I then printed the months of the year, cut them and stuck to the tops of the divider cards.

If you fancy having a go at this challenge (there's a prize for the one voted as the winner)

and have a go.

It's a lovely, friendly little forum - why not come and join in the fun?


  1. Lovely box! The colours and pattern make it look really cheery - it will be a pleasure to visit the box for a card, I'm sure!

  2. thats great hazel,nice and organised :) mine are all in a box,just not organised!!

  3. What a fab job you've made of your box Hazel.

    I'm forever "tarting" up boxes to store stash and stuff too

  4. check out ... I think you would really like it!

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  7. That's gorgeous - I think I will have to join in this challenge ( will have to find another box to put my washing tabs in though!)

  8. What a good idea Hazel and such a cheery box you've got now for your cards.
    Sue x

  9. it's fabulous Hazel... as always!

  10. fab stuff Hazel I love what you have done

  11. Great job Hazel. YOu are so organised, now you just have to remember to look in the box!

  12. Wonderful recycling there Hazel. :)


  13. what a super idea Hazel love all the papers youve chosen to decorate the boxes with.

  14. What a lovely box you have made Hazel, love the papers you have used.

  15. I love that box Hazel, what a great idea. Will you remember to look in the box for a card?

  16. This is lovely! what a great idea


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