Saturday, 7 June 2008

Why, oh why?

Why, oh why, do I buy things, thinking they will give great results - and then keep them for ages, wondering what I'm going to do with them and why I bought them in the first place?

I bought a QVC TSV - 12 x 12 papers, cards, etc - Carol Wilson - very elaborate and fancy - the kind of cards that are almost made already. I decided yesterday afternoon to get them out and do something with them (having sold off some of it on ebay).

I still have quite a few 12 x 12 papers that are elaborately embossed and I'm not sure that they will ever get used.

When I bought it I felt that the cards might well appeal to the more mature ladies who come along to my sales for TEAR Fund - sometimes the 'flowery' cards appeal, so I'm hoping this will be the case (my next sale will be in September) as I've now made 16 of these cards altogether (and still have more of them, although not so ornate).

All of the cards have apertures, so that anything that's put in the middle is actually on the inside of the card.

I've used a flower made from Sizzix daisy die and DCWV pocketful of posies papers (I've actually demolished the flowers that were in a vase on my windowsill and am going to use them now on cards):

On the next three I've used textured rub ons (you can't tell from the pictures that they are textured, but irl they look better):

The last two have paper stuck on the right hand inside of the card - using some of the papers that was in the CW collection:

There wasn't much crafting involved, but I've been able to add to my stock (in the hope they will sell).


  1. Although you say there wasn't much crafting involved, the cards look quite complicated so I am sure they will sell well! I know what you mean about buying stash and never getting round to using it!

  2. They will deffo sell - they look so beautiful and intricate.

    jo xx

  3. I think they'll sell well, they have a pretty delicacy that lots of people love - sort of vintage romantic iykwim

    U would think that being easier to put together makes them perfect when you're making a lot of cards for fundraising

  4. Oh these will sell Hazel, they are the kind of cards my MIL likes - she doesn't get them from me though!

  5. You might not have had to do a lot to these to finish them off but they do look gorgeous. I am sure that you will have no problems selling them.
    xx Lynn xx


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