Wednesday, 17 September 2008

Yesterday's decoupage

I didn't feel like doing anything much yesterday, but I found a couple of die cut decoupage sheets that I'd bought when I thought it would be a good idea (I quite like doing decoupage and sometimes cut by hand, but find it a bit of a chore, so the die cuts seemed to be an attractive alternative).

I decided to go for 'less is more' and just cover the cards with 'season's greetings' foiled card:


  1. Lovely...these really jump out of the page at you. For a minute I thought the little candle was real! X

  2. The photos make them look like the candles are standing up - so these must be 4 dimensional! Fab work Hazel

  3. They are lovely Hazel. I agree with the others, they definitely look as though they are standing on the card!


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