Monday, 7 January 2008

Happy New Year - Blog Candy

Edit: Thanks for all your interesting comments - this will be kept open until 23:00 Monday 7 January and then a name will be drawn for the blog candy. Please keep the comments coming!

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Happy New Year

Well, I've now gone past 10,000 hits since I had a site meter in April (started my blog the previous month). I want to thank everyone who pops in and leaves comments - much appreciated. I've made many cyber friends during the time I've had a blog, as well as many crafting forum buddies.

The past year has been a difficult one for us in many ways, but as this is a crafty outlook I'll not dwell on any of that.

This blog candy is up for grabs (names will go in the hat and John will pick a winner):

To be in with a chance of winning the blog candy, please leave a comment on this thread, telling me what was your best craft purchase during 2007 and what was your worst.

I'll leave this post at the top for the next seven days (that's why the date on it is 7 January, whereas I'm actually posting it on New Year's Day).

I'll start the ball rolling by saying that I think my craft robo was my best purchase. As for the worst? That's a difficult one, because sometimes I get carried away and buy something and then have it waiting around in the cupboard for ages, wondering why I ever bought it! Although I do tend to use most of what I buy at some stage.

I think the worst craft purchase during 2007 has to be the little cuttlebug embossing folders - the ones that come in sets of four - it's not that I don't like them, but their use seems to be limited, whereas the bigger embossing folders are very versatile. Perhaps I ought to start another thread where you can show me what you've done with the little folders, so that I'm inspired to actually use them instead of them just lurking around in a box.


  1. Happy new year Hazel, my worst purchase of 2007 has to be the craft robo. I did not get on with it at all.My very best buy is the cricut expression and my fifteen cartridges i have bought.It is the bees knees.

    Andrea xx

  2. Congratulations on reaching so many posts Hazel. I always enjoy reading your blog and seeing your work. My best craft purchase has to be my embellisher machine (you didn't say it had to be papercraft)for making felt and adding interesting pieces to different textiles. My worst was a 'bargain' pack of beads many of which I will never use as they are odd colours. I keep meaning to put them on Ebay as I am sure they would be of use to someone.

    Keep up the blogging.


  3. Happy New Year Hazel..

    Mmmm best buy of 2007 has to be my Imagepac System... and worst.. that is easy unfortunately its my UTE crystals that can't be used with Stazon on Stampbord cause it makes the ink run..

    Congratulations on reaching 10,000 hits and may you receive many thousands more..

    Nikki x

  4. hey hazel! Wow 10,000 that's an acheivement!
    ok my best purchase has to be my ribbon subscription!!
    my worse was a set of tweezers from ebay!
    they were naff!!!

    Happy new year to both u & john xxx

  5. Hmmmmm - so many to choose from thats the problem! Best, now that would be my Cricut George! He's a little star! And the worst, well that would have to be the glue pen I bought that wouldn't work!

  6. Happy New Year to you too Hazel and wow well done on 10000 hits!!

    My best purchase is my cuttlebug (I haven't used the small embossing folders either yet) and the worst purchase was a set of papers from scenic route as they were horrible!!

    Keep up the blogging and I'll keep reading xx

  7. Happy New Year Hazel and John! I didn't stop by for the blog candy so I won't tell you my best/worst, just wanted to wish you all the very best for 2008! :o)

  8. Congratulations on so many hits Hazel!

    My best buy (can I have two please?) One is my Craft Robo the other is my Big Shot.

    My worst buy? (not necessarily in 2007) were the peel offs that I seem to have accumulated over the years when I first started crafting.

    Hope you and John have a lovely 2008.

  9. 10,000 HITS!! Wow!! I am still getting to grips with blogs myself!!

    Best purchase of 2007 has to my button shank remover..simple tool but its great!! Slices off those shanks like a knife thru butter!!
    Worst? Hmm...ek success oval cutter templates. I have the square and circle ones which I like...but why did I buy the ovals? Must have been mad!!

  10. Hi Hazel, happy new year :)
    My best has to be my embossing folders (i love them and need more)
    And my worst would have to be cricut expression as it hasn't arrived yet and im sick of trying to find out where it has got to.

  11. Hi Hazel goodness me 10000 hits wow i dont think if i have my blog for the next ten years i will get that many hits lol
    Dont have lots of big things but

    Best buy love my cropadile
    Worst buy christmas card kits yuk even rebekah didnt like them lol

    Hope the New Year brings you all you and John wish for x x x x

  12. Happy New Year Hazel - Thank you being such a FAB member on the site (scrapstars)

    My best purchase was my basic grey cutting mat LOVE IT! Worst was some bargain glitter I got in America its NASTY!



  13. Hi Hazel, wow so many hits! Happy New Year to you both.

    My best buy? All my Rubber Stamps from Elusive Images and Tanda of course! Worst buy - a bejeweller ... It seemed like a good idea at the time but I managed to burn myself about 3 times with it and suceeded in sticking gems to my desk instead of embellishing my cards! To be fair I probably need to practice a bit more with it.

  14. FABULOUS goodies you are giving away! And I'm enjoying reading everyone's best and worst purchases too! My best purchase was the Cricut. I love it and use it all the time. My worst was called a "magic stamp." It's a piece of foam that you heat and press it on a textured surface and it forms to that texture for you to stamp with. That part is really cool, but it doesn't stamp well at all. It isn't even good for a background stamp. Good thing I didn't spend too much money on it!
    Cheryl KVD

  15. bought some crappy ink pads in teh discount bin-discontinued and dry as a bone-even spit doesnt help.

    best was a second OTT light-this one a clip on 75% off day after Christmas and used a GC for it---so it was FREE!!

  16. Hi Hazel, Happy new year!
    My best purchase was a paper trimmer from fiskars. Best purchase so far.
    I'm a newbie, so I'm kinda behind.

    The worst..would be the fiskars embossing templates..using an embossing tool is too cumbersome..don't have the cuttlebug to use with it either..
    Maybe the cuttelbug will come this year!!


  17. Happy New Year! All my purchases have been great and useful as I have just started getting crafty!! I am thoroughly enjoying stamping and making cards!!

  18. Hello Hazel, well done on getting so many hits to your blog.
    Happy New Year x

  19. Hiya Hazel, soooo many hits - well done you.

    My best buy - there are so many but I think it has to be my corner punch. I just love it. My worse buy - A glue pen bought from a craft show - it's pants !!!!!!

    BTW - same here with the christmas dinner - toooooo much !

    Keep blogging
    Regards, Burnice (Angel)

  20. Happy New year Hazel

    my worse is sizzix chrimbo tree - bought off ebay and never used it!!! best ribbons I think, or paper, or buttons or or or, I cant choose

    love to you and John xxxx

  21. My cuttlebug was my best purchase in 2007. I think my worst purchase was some sticky type of glue tape, that I cannot get to work right, but am still working with it.
    Linda Peterson

  22. Congratulations on so many hits! And a Happy New Year!

    My best craft purchase of 2007 would have to be a huge craft clearout I bought from someone on ebay. It was just when I started out making cards and so contained so many different things I had lots of fun making cards and trying to figure out what certain bits were and how I'd use them (I'm still confused about some of the items, but hey that's what 2008 is for!)

    The worst is probably some glue pens I bought (Wilkinsons) thinking they were great value, however I couldn't see inside and the glue ran out really quickly, so not so good value after all.

  23. Hi Hazel, wow that is a lot of hits!

    My craft scissors are my best craft buy and my worst buy was a set of clear wedding stamps. When I tried to get them off the sheet they tore and ruined the stamps!

    Have a good New Year.


  24. well done on the post count

    mt best buy was my selection of journalling stamps, my worst, a stupid blue circle cutter than never cut circles!

  25. Congratulations on your great blog. Best was a scalloped giga punch and worst would have to be glue dots (don't know what company) that left an oily film on the paper all around the dot.

  26. Congrats on all your well deserved hits:) I bought a large set of markers that leave streaks and smear, so that purchase was my worst. My favorite is my prismacolor pencils. I could sure relate to your birthday post...we have a cazillion January birthdays in our family, what were we all thinking?

  27. Congratulations on 10,000 hits. My blog is only three days old (born on New Years Eve!) and I'll be lucky if I've got 10 hits (and I think most of them are friends and family)!!!

    What fantastic blog candy! Well... my best purchase for 2007 probably has to be a couple of rolls of double sided sticky tape. I've always used those sticky 'mouse' rollers that run out at the wrong moment. Double sided tape - great - no mess and you can see when it's running out!

    My worst purchase... Hmmmm. Probably an ornate punch - I can never get it straight! (That's not to say they're no good... I just need more practise)!

    Happy crafting in 2008 everybody, let those creative juices flow!!

  28. Great question! I'd say my Cuttlebug was my best purchase. I LOVE playing with it. And my worst purchase. WAY too much paper. I now am running out of room. I need to use it, but do tend to hoard.

  29. What a thought provoking question! My best purchase was a Xyron 510. That thing is wonderful! So easy! The worst purchase was probably Colorbox ink pads. I just don't like them. The ink is so thick and glumpy! Is that a word?
    Mary Puskar

  30. Happy New Year! Great question.

    Best purchase would be my cuttlebug late 2007. Worst purchase would be 2 things...a set of 3 eyelet setters in 3 sizes, that have a spring in the middle of the eyelet piece you hold, and you pull the top to snap the bottom metal part into the eyelet..fiskars wasted 19.99, and a set of quik kuts nested dies for the cuttlebug...the big one digs in and sticks in my B plate :( 24.99 wasted! Waaaaa!
    Thanx for the chance.

  31. Hello Hazel, I found you through Allison. I hope you have a better year this year...sounds like things were challenging last year. That's always rough, but I like your optimistic attitude! You are a sweetheart to share candy with your readers! Congrats on your hits - and keep up the great work!


  32. Hi there- just found your cute blog- and added it to my google reader. Congrats on the hits. My worst purchase ever hmmmmm I don't think I have one. My favorite purchase this year- my cuttlebug. Now I have to use it more!

  33. Oo tricjy one! My best purchase would be the QK revolution, time saver! And black stazon, my worst...erm...trying to think what I havnt used...A strange stamp that was part of a set, sorry cant think of anything else at the mo... Well done on reaching your hits, thank you for your encouragements as a fellow saltinee! keep up the good work Hazel God bless x

  34. Happy New Year Hazel - and thanks for visiting my blog over the past year.

    My best purchase was my robo. The possibilities are endless and I think it is capable of doing more than I can ever make it do.

    My worst purchse was my robo. Because it cost me an arm and a leg and threatens to take over most of 2008 if I let it LOL Plus it does more stuff than I understand hehe!!

  35. Well done on reaching 10,000 ad in such a ahort space of time too!!!

    Anyway my best buy has got to be my tote and matching bag that I treated myself to just before Christmas <3 Mmm my worse, let me see,I can't actually think of one if I do I'll pop back and let you know

  36. Happy New Year!

    Congratulations on all your hits, what a fabulous start to the new year.

    I think my best purchase was my Cricut as she just has so many uses and is worth her weight in gold.

    My worst.... hmmm.. now that's a bit harder... oh I know... my xyron sticker maker. I never remembered to use it until after I'd made my project and when I did remember to use it it ran out so quickly that I've never bothered buying a refil for it. So now it's just sat around taking up valuable space and gathering dust! lol!

  37. Hi Hazel

    Thanks for your kind comment and Happy New Year to you too. Congratulations on reaching over 10,000 hits!

    My best buy for 2007.....hmmm difficult one as I've bought far too much and enjoyed it all. Toss up between my Cricut machine and Papermania sticky jewels - bit of a difference in price! If it came to the crunch, have to say the sticky jewels as I use them soooo much for embellishments to my cards which just add that finishing touch - good value too!

    My worst purchase has to be a 12 x 12 paper pack I bought from Craft Central. It was sealed up but the cover made the paper look so gorgeous - NOT!! It was awful and got rid of most of it - waste of money!

  38. Congratulations Hazel.
    My best purchase, the Cuttlebug
    My worst, I agree with you the small embossing folders - never use them think they'll go on ebay.
    Happy New Year
    Andrea x

  39. Congrats on all those hits.
    My best ever purchase in 2007 were my Nestabilities and my worst was Shimmer mist. Unfortunately I bought a bunch of colors and haven't touched them...

  40. Well done Hazel..and here's to a Happy 2008!!! Your spirit and drive never ceases to amaze me!!

    Not very good with decisions but..BEST: think it has to be my Cuttlebug and embossing folders-I love 'em! WORST: er,,,um,,,I think I will say papers and ribbons...I just simply didn't buy enough of them!

    love Dingle.x

  41. Oh I never win anything anyway, but thought I'd share my best/worst buys..

    Where do I start.. my best buys must have been my sizzix sidekick. I love it.. it's been really invaluable.. my worst - could have been the big sizzix as I never realy used it until Ibought some embossing folders,.. so my worst purchase now would have to be the bottle tops. I had a bit of a fad on them this christmas, but never used them.. so as Christmas is over, they're to be put away until next year! lol.

    Thanks for doing this Hazel. I don't always get time to reply on your blog, but it's an inspiration"

    Love Jo x

  42. My best buy just has to be my Bind-it-All! I loved it so much, that I bought one for my daughter too!

    My worst is definitely a bow-maker contraption from Lakeland. I think it was made by Fiskars, but it's really rubbish. Grrrrrrr!

  43. Happy new year,i love dropping by to see what you are up to.

    Hmm purchases ... best was probaby 12 inch storage files for my paper for 49p! The worst - probably my craft robo as we have technical difficulties and cant work together!


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