Monday, 7 January 2008

HS:MS mini catch up

Of course, Saturday, on HS:MS was Self Portrait day - all you're getting this time is hair:

Yesterday was 'Show Off Sunday' - so, here's that dog Josey again. A friend (who had been hospital at Christmas) gave Josey a late present yesterday and here she is attempting to get at the contents of the wrapper:

And today on HS:MS the topic is 'fold: To bend something over itself so that part of it covers another. Find 'fold' in your space today.'

My photo is very boring and functional - towels in the airing cupboard:


  1. Love your catch-up shots, Hazel! Josey really is a darling, isn't she?

  2. Great catch ups Hazel. What a darling dog she is - hope she enjoyed her present!


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