Thursday, 17 January 2008

HS:MS catch up

I knew that I'd missed a few of the HS:MS prompts, but I hadn't realised how many! I feel like a lost sheep with John in hospital so I decided to take my camera in hand and catch up.

First is 'bling' - just some of my cardmaking 'jewels':

Next was 'steam'. I tried getting photos when the kettle was boiling, but no evidence of steam, even though it was there irl. Earlier this morning I had emptied the steam iron and put it away - not thinking about the prompt - so this one is almost a cheat, because it's the box rather than the steaming iron:

Ah, the next prompt was 'thread' - I have plenty of threads, so this one was easily done:

'Colc' - oh, I had to think about this - it is cold out, but no actual frost, so in the end there's just a picture of part of the door of our freezer:

Next is the catch up of SPS which should have been done last Saturday:

And Sunday was SOS day. I've chosen this, not because it's a good photo, because technically it's awful, but because it's one that I love and it's just right for today:

Next is 'CD':

Then 'away' - easy one to choose - John's chair:

'Indulge' - wish I'd got some expensive Hotel Chocolat bar to show - the really dark scrummy stuff, but, alas, this is the only 'indulge' I could find:

And today's prompt is 'number' - I have plenty of them in a box:


  1. HAzel, really hope the op goes well and that you aren't worrying too much. Well done with the catchups- you've been busy!

  2. Great catch up photos. You have been busy but these are great shots.

  3. What a fabulous catch up. I'm new to hs|ms. Love all your catch up photos. Best wishes re: John and his op. x

  4. wonderful catch-ups! i especially like the eclairs .. yum!

  5. That's a lovely set of catch-up shots, Hazel. John's empty chair is really poignant.

    Hope all is going well with his hospital stay and that he is home with you as soon as possible.

    Take care. {{{hugs}}} xxxx

  6. Great catch up photos, hope all goes well for your john

  7. Great catch up Hazel, smashing pics. Hope all goes well for John today xx

  8. So very good to see you again! I think I like the shot of John and the numbers the best. Hope all goes well!

  9. What a great catch up Hazel. I know that feeling of not realizing how far behind you were! I hope everything goes well with John's opertaion. You're both in my prayers!

  10. Wow that's a catch up and a half. Hope all goes well with John and he's home with you soon. x

  11. Great catch-up Hazel, love your shiny numbers. John's chair looks lonely, I hope he's back in it soon x


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