Thursday, 17 January 2008

Two more cards

I'm trying to keep myself occupied while I wait for news of John. I've managed to make a birthday card for mum to send to my brother - with an English Paper Company paper background that also wraps round the entire back of the card, because it seemed a shame not to see all of the jobs depicted. It's a very simple card, but I just felt that the paper and the saying went well together. As with my card for my brother, I printed on the computer, edged with a chalk cat's eye blue ink and then mounted on another piece of DCWV textured:

I've also made a very simple card for John, using some Jolee's embellies - I wanted to make something but can't concentrate to do anything more complicated. (I would quite like to do a more luvvy-duvvy one - perhaps I will in a day or two - one that he doesn't display on his locker):


  1. Hope John is through his op and all has gone well, Hazel. Thinking about you both. These are great cards and I love the quotes for the retirement and golf - they are spot on. Look forward to hearing the report from hospital.

  2. Hope you are keeping yourself occupied and cheerful Hazel - crafting is certainly a good start and the cards look great. I hope John's op went OK and that he's comfortable. Give us an update when you get chance, won't you? Thinking of you both {{{{hugs}}}}

  3. Thinking of you both and hoping that John is ok

    Lots of hugs


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