Thursday, 17 January 2008

John update

I know this is a crafting blog and I try as much as possible to keep it to that, but I just want to thank everyone for your kind thoughts and prayers for John - much appreciated. He had the op this afternoon and when I went to the hospital at 7 this evening he'd just been brought back to the ward. He seemed fine and had something to eat. His foot is heavily bandaged and hopefully tomorrow we'll find out what's what regarding infection etc. There were definitely four toes peeping out of the top of the bandaging, so the offending one has gone!


  1. Hazel, I have just read about your dear John, sorry to hear that! I hope John recovers well. Take care xx

  2. Hi Hazel, please extend my well wishes to John.I'm glad to hear that he is doing fine after the op. I wish you well you.

    warm ((((hugs)))) to you and hubby!


    p.s. Great catch-up pictures :)

  3. Thinking of you both Hazel and wishing John a speedy recovery


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